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A La Sophie

Welcome to àlaSophie! Sophistication unlocked. Consider us your personal shoppers. We travel the world for authentic and luxurious handbags, shoes and accesories (most come with their certificate of authenticity). We want to share our savings with you. We are a Canadian online retail store; a one-stop destination for discovering specially handpicked luxury handbags, shoes and accessories. We travel the world to bring savings to our customers from coveted designer and high-end brands. Most of our designs are classic, so you can use your cherished handbag and accessories all year round. Our unique SIZE 10+ ROOM features sophisticated shoes from all over the world in these hard-to-find sizes. We bring savings to you for a perfect consumer experience. Cherish what you love – No out of season in our world. Handpicked, Authentic, Luxurious, designer, unique pieces

AZE Boutique

What a whirlwind it's been starting an online business. My love for earrings goes way back since I was 10, spending hours and hours in Ardene trying to find the perfect pair of earrings. Overtime I realized that instead of spending money trying to find the perfect pair of earrings I could just start creating earrings myself and here we are! My style of earrings just like my personality is all over the place, I enjoy making afrocentric earrings, nerdy earrings to celebrate my love of the fantasy genre and any earrings which pique my interest. Thank you for dropping by my shop and have a wonderful day!