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Werking Worms

Worm tea is highly cultivated by gardeners as a nutrient dense super supplement to refresh plants. Plants eat through their roots and overtime can deplete their soil nutrients. Plant Treats is a cold brewed worm tea made to revitalize your plants.

Jambican Studio Gardens

Jambican studio gardens is an organic farm providing health and happiness through creative agricultural experiences. Our goals are to bring people closer to wild in thought, word, and deed. sustainable life activities are those which recognize and promote the interdependence of all elements within the environment.

cat-icon 2969 River Rd, Manotick, ON, Canada

La Ferme Saveurs des Continents

What you eat and where it comes from is incredibly important. We are reaching a new awareness about our food supply and how what we feed our families can affect us now, and 20 years down the road.

cat-icon 550 Chemin River, L'Ange-Gardien, QC, Canada